Monday, April 20, 2009

Anyone know about Yahoo Web Hosting for small business?

Have you used Yahoo%26#039;s Web Hosting for small business? Can you give my your experience with them. The good and the bad? Fair prices? Good service? etc... Thank you
Anyone know about Yahoo Web Hosting for small business?
Yahoo hosting isn%26#039;t too bad but as the others have said, there are certainly some limitations depending on what exactly you want to do. Their prices are pretty comparable to others from what I%26#039;ve seen. They%26#039;re probably a good option if you don%26#039;t need too much control over the server and just want to have an easy, reliable place to host your business site.

If you want to explore some other options for business hosting, you might want to check ou this site. You can find good breakdown of various business web hosting solutions. It helped me out alot:

Hope that helps and that you find a web host that meets your needs.
Anyone know about Yahoo Web Hosting for small business?
i am a professional web developer and illustrator and have never considered AOL or Yahoo web hosting. I need a lot of control over the servers and databases, and need the ability to customize a lot of the features, which AOL and Yahoo generally don%26#039;t give you.

If you%26#039;re going to be selling things on your site through Yahoo Stores, then Yahoo is proabably a good choice. You may want to hear from other people who do have experience hosting with them though.

if you want design and technical advice, I can provide that.
Reply:They can be a problem. For example, they restrict usage of the php mail() function - this can be a problem for simple %26quot;contact us%26quot; forms.

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