Monday, April 20, 2009

What web hosting place should i use?

I am leaning either 1%26amp;1 or yahoo small business......

what i am selling is a service, the people would have to look at what i am selling then call for me to go to them and do the service......basically detail their car...... so all i need is a place wheere i can post things about my business like text,photos and stuff that a person selling a service lists...... i also need a domain name and an email adress....does 1%26amp;1 provide that a business email account

so then what should i get i like 1%26amp;1 for their hosting space and bandwitch but i like yahoo for their ease of creating a website.....

so anyone plese help me.....

all you guys are great for letting me here your knowledge i thank you.........
What web hosting place should i use?
If you aren%26#039;t selling anything over the internet you do not need a business account, it is just too expensive. I suggest the company that I use, lunar pages.

This is what it offers-

Basic Hosting Plan

$700 CoffeeCup Software FREE

FREE Domain Name For Life


35000 Megabytes Storage

800 Gigabytes Data Transfer

PHP5 and MySQL 5

Ruby on Rails


Blog, Forum %26amp; Photo Gallery

Microsoft庐 Frontpage庐 Compatible

Spam Protection

Includes 1 Addon Domain

All for 6.95 a month. They also offer- 24/7 award winning support

services, $700 in FREE CoffeeCup Software included with our 12 and 24 month Basic, Business and Windows Plans, our free site transfer service and hosting transfer offer, private domain registration, and a FREE domain name for the life of an annual hosting plan! We also offer additional domain names for only $2.99 each.

The coffee cup software includes a site builder, you can look at my site here-

To look at the lunar pages-

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