Saturday, April 18, 2009

Domain web hosting for a non-profit?

I%26#039;m looking for a web domain host for two non-profit organizations. Are there any quality hosting companies which provide reasonable cost service to non-profits? Thanks!
Domain web hosting for a non-profit?
If you like to create two non-profit organizations , then go for multidomain hosting where you could host many sites under one account.


there you will find best multidomain web hostings.

Hope you find the right one.
Domain web hosting for a non-profit?
I%26#039;m quite certain you can find something out there that will offer you free hosting temporarily if not permanently. Just %26quot;Google%26quot; free hosting.

Additionally, you may want to call some local web design companies or local hosting companies and see if they will sponsor your web site. They may want a link back from a .org site for marketing purposes :)

If none of this works for you, just make a blog instead of a website. They function just as well with lots of customization capabilities, navigation and SO much more. Plus they are soooo user friendly. You can get a free blog hosted at or There are tons of others out there too. Good Luck!

Those were all my free solutions ut if you are looking for cheap solutions, there are tons! GoDaddy offer monthly hosting for under $5 a month. Hosting really shouldn%26#039;t be all that expensive if your site isn%26#039;t huge.
Reply:I suggest I use it, it provides templates and all the stuff you need, you just poke in the pics and text. :D
Reply:Well, I use this:

It doesn%26#039;t put ads even for free hosting plans. I went for it by seeing the great features that it offers for free. I liked this host so much that I bought their paid hosting service just recently. Its worth trying.
Reply:More information on sites here

Check there


Reply:Use 1%26amp;1:

For $4/month, you get everything you need including your own

domain name.
Reply:Don%26#039;t use free hosting - it%26#039;s really a waste of time.

Try companies such as Bluehost or Startlogic. - that site lists the best hosting companies in the business.
Reply:i suggest u visit there they have the best affordable web hosting companies listed out with their packages, iam sure u can find what u r searching for there. good luck.
Reply:I would check out

They have a system that ranks the best web hosting offers. Check it out.

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