Saturday, April 18, 2009

Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller?

1. Has anyone really made money from becoming a webhost and domain reseller?? How much exactly per month and with whom (which host did you become a reseller of)

2. I want to enter and become a web host reseller which Original (First-own) Registrars are OK to deal with?

3. How can I attract people to buy from my reseller site?

4. How do you distinguish if the registrar is a original first-own (a company who is the mother unit) and not a reseller? Is there a list of registrars who are mother units and not resellers themselves? I mean is it possible for a reseller to resell his webhost %26amp; domain services to another reseller?
Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller?
1. Yes many people became rich because of it and others started their own hosting company after a while (I%26#039;m one of them) , no one ever can tell you how much you can earn every month because it depends on a lot of stuff like : Packages,Prices,Advertising,support and most important people trust in you .

2. From over 3 years of experience I recommend JagPC for you to start as a reseller then in future you can even get a server from them and start your own hosting company their support will help you in every thing because they are really friendly .

Check JagPC reseller program from here :

3. That%26#039;s a long story but you can find some good answers for it in JagPC community forums .

4. There isn%26#039;t a list of web hosts or resellers in the world because they can%26#039;t be counted but in most cases a reseller can%26#039;t provide a reseller host but some companies allow that actually .

I wish you the best :)
Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller?
My hosting has the nice little addition of allowing you to set up new hosting accounts through your hosting account.

This basically means that you can resell my hosting at a price that you choose.
Reply:I have tried Yahoo Web Hosting, Gator Web Hosting, Godaddy Hosting and many others but found this the best ...

Their customer service is Number 1 in Hosting Industry and you can host unlimited sites within the same account.

They have a great reseller program too.

Hope this helps your needs....

Good Luck...
Reply:yes u can become a reseller and earn a lot of money.... Please IM me and I will guide... I will suggest b%26#039;coz they have wonderful reseller plans.... since there is reseller page is underconstruction... u can email them. as I am also reseller to them..... try b%26#039;coz they are the best.... they solve all the technical things u only have to sell.... Make ur own plans and sell out..........
Reply:Resellerspanel offer Reseller Hosting plans for the lowest rates in the industry.. Monthly Price /if paid annually starting at just $3.33/mo.

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