Monday, April 20, 2009

UK Web hosting provider call I-websolutions?

Has anyone else had problems with a hosting provider called I-websolutions? My website was not viewable sometimes for weeks on end, even though it had been working for a couple of days once I registered. Multiple tickets had been raised, frontpage extensions was reinstalled loads of times etc

I complained because of this, and got abused by their customer services department, I managed to get ones month refund, which wasnt the full amount. And now they wont let me transfer my domain name away from them (I had been with them for other 90days)
UK Web hosting provider call I-websolutions?
According to their website, they are up the creek.... Firstly their front page specificies that on all of their packages there is NO minimum contract period, so they can%26#039;t try blagging you that there is a 12 month agreement or anything like that. Secondly, they are in breach of their own Terms of Service, because from what you have said they have not refunded you enough as compared to the table they provide. Thirdly and most importantly from your point of view, THEY CANNOT REFUSE TO TRANSFER YOUR DOMAIN NAME. My advice would be to go to and transfer your domain asap, they also offer excellent monthly or annual hosting packages. I have been using for the past 5 years and have NEVER had cause to complain, currently they are hosting 6 websites for me and they hold 15 domain names I have registered. If I-Websolutions continue to give you grief, may I suggest that you contact BBC Watchdog, and threaten them with this, as well as with the press. It%26#039;s amazing how many companies back down if they think their reputation is going to be smeared. Hope that helps :)

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