Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is there a good free web host that does not "oversell" it's services?

Explanation of over selling if you don%26#039;t know the term:

The reason I%26#039;m asking is because I am in charge of building a website for a clan in an online game I play. Because the traffic of the site will depend on the growth of the clan, as well as how many members are willing to take part in the site, I DO NOT wish to pay for a site until I know it will be a worthwhile investment.

However the site does need to run well and be available for whatever traffic it gets, at least until it gets sizeable; and oversellers tend to pull their services long before the limits they promise are reached. Any suggestions?

(I will also take advice on paid services, if you note them to be such, as I may need one in the future, but I am specifically looking for a free host right now..)
Is there a good free web host that does not %26quot;oversell%26quot; it%26#039;s services?
Free webhosts are not really good as they will use your site to make money.


there you will find best web hostings.

Hope you find the right one.
Is there a good free web host that does not %26quot;oversell%26quot; it%26#039;s services?
You really do get what you pay for... But..

I came across

and they have a review on a hosting company that charges like $3.95/mo. That%26#039;s really reasonable. Check it out.
Reply:I am using this:

You can start with a free hosting plan, and then upgrade to paid plans if you like it.
Reply:There is a list of sites here and I will update what they restrict and offer as it comes in.

Check there


Reply:Use 1%26amp;1. Lowest prices AND best packages.

$4/month for hosting including the domain name.

$6/year for the domain name alone - which includes a 5 page

website, your own email address, etc.

Their infrastructure supports their services!
Reply:Try out they limit the amount of sites hosted on each of there service. If you contact them they%26#039;ll even give you a 7 day free trial for hosting.
Reply:Such a service does not exist. Everybody wants to get paid.

You can get a free trial of most services.

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