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What is extra service or feature I should look when I buy web hosting?

Something else to consider:

What%26#039;s the administration interface? I%26#039;m kind of partial to CPanel, because I host a lot of domains for friends and co-workers and CPanel makes it easy to create accounts for them so they can each administer their own domain (but can%26#039;t do anything to mine). Also, it%26#039;s pretty easy to back up any CPanel-administered domain and move it over to a different CPanel-based hosting provider.
What is extra service or feature I should look when I buy web hosting?
form builder, php and mysql hosting,

just go to

They are the biggest and best hosting company to have very cheap and lots of cool features, since they are so big they have a lot of partners (google yahoo etc.,) and a lot of features
What is extra service or feature I should look when I buy web hosting?
Porbably the most overlooked item when someone is finding a host is not looking at the bandwidth depending on ur site and the host you could end up making a site then not working because you used up your bandwich.
Reply:Let me recommend and believe me you won%26#039;t regret. I%26#039;m a web designer and I%26#039;ve seen so many hosts that are really bad. 1and1 will give you a great package for $3.99 per month including 1 free domain name. They also give you up to 600 (!!!) email accounts and 10 databases in case you need them (included in the $3.99 per month). In general you should want to have full control over your domain/host server. That means being able to change passwords for the FTP connection, 24 hour customer support, over 99% uptime, etc.

Reply:Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

1: Server Reliability

Ensure your web hosting provider runs reliable servers.

2: Check Bandwidth Charges

Ensure your web hosting provider doesn%26#039;t surprise you with excess fees for extra bandwidth.

3: Are Backups Performed?

Ensure your website data is archived in case of an emergency.

4: Is there Someone to Call?

Technical support may cost, but it may be helpful if you%26#039;re in a crunch.

5: How Much Storage is Needed?

A few things to consider when planning how much web space you need on your web host.

6: Check the Email Policy

Sending e-mail from a web host? What is your web provider%26#039;s policy on e-mail?

7: What Operating System is the Server Running?

Your web hosting provider%26#039;s operating system may determine the types of scripts you can run and databases you can access.

8. Host Criteria-Business hosts, Non-profit org., hosts Game鈥?br>

9. Can shift to new technology e.g web 2.0

10. Host location. Why need to choose? E.g Taiwan earthquake-cannot access to certain location.
Reply:ok, let me put this way,

1%26amp;1 is great for buying domain names.

if you want to have realy great service and not look for anything alse you must go and try this:

ectually depends what you want to host on your website.

it is couple things to be concern of all depending on your needs.

if you want really be helped you can give me a buzz at my yahoo mssger and I%26#039;ll see what%26#039;s best for you.
Reply:The features that you will be looking at will be very closely tied with the type of web hosting you choose which will in turn be tied to package you will choose within that hosting provider.

Of course you should only go for those features that your web site will need in order to function optimally and efficiently.

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