Monday, April 20, 2009

Why can't I view my site's Web hosting Control Panel?

Hi, I%26#039;m a Small business customer...its been a day and I still cant view Web hosting Control Panel. Why would that be? I tried with different browsers, different computers, and even my friend couldnt access it and he is in another city.

yesterday when I was uploading pictures to my gallery with FTP, suddenly the connection got cut off saying i had the wrong password and username combination. Then I got the error %26quot;500 Internal Server Error%26quot; when I visited the gallery and the forum of my site. I tried to access the web hosting control panel but I couldn%26#039;t. It%26#039;s been a day and I still can%26#039;t view the panel. I can view my e-mail and domain control panel but not the web hosting one.

I also cant access phpmyadmin. It says there is an internal server error.

I am thinking it has to do with a problem in the mysql database. But since I can not view anything i dont know what the actual problem is. So I dont know how to solve this. customer service didnt even send a reply. can anyone help me
Why can%26#039;t I view my site%26#039;s Web hosting Control Panel?
My Dad had kinda of the same problem....the main problem is that the server for the Web Hosting company might want to get in touch wiht tech support...if they dont help. THen i would switch to %26quot;; its really good and the servers allways up and never go down.

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