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How can I get new clients for my Web hosting business?

I have been in the Web hosting industry for about 6 years (can鈥檛 believe its going to be the 6 year anniversary on the 11th鈥?time sure does go by fast). Anyways the thing is that I have never been too serious about getting a lot of customers as I am now. I know Web hosting is a tough industry with a lot of competition but competition necessarily isn鈥檛 a bad thing from what I hear. I offer good prices and very good customer service and all of my current customers are very happy with the service that I offer. My question is.. What is the best way to get more clients? I don鈥檛 have a very big budget so I can鈥檛 go and advertise in a lot of places. Currently I get most of my clients through the world of mouth. I welcome all of your creative and new ideas. By the way my Website is
How can I get new clients for my Web hosting business?
there is a saying %26quot;big companies offer products, small companies offer solutions%26quot; If 1and1 offers hosting then PEH has to offer tailor made website solutions from a to z ... plus hosting.

If you offer just hosting, you better focus on some niche segments. Your target market are most likely to be web developers and site owners who look for some specific hosting features which are not offered by the big guys. In general, two things: be more specialized in your hosting offers (optimize for %26#039;customize your hosting%26#039; or similar) and second provide complete solutions. Good venture.

p.s. the affiliate link at the bottom needs fix up
How can I get new clients for my Web hosting business?
I am only ninteen but all ages are on this site called myspace! Its a very big sit so I would say open an account on there and send private invitations to thousands at a time it has had me buy a few things or see a few shows when I have gotten one so try it!
Reply:See if your existing customers will give you a testimonial that you can distribute to potential clients or post on your site.

If you know local businesses that have competitors online, reach out to them and pitch a competitive price. For example: car dealerships, salons, lawyers, dentist offices.
Reply:Tell them what your business is about and if they would like to help you in it.

If they say they are not really interested in doing it tell them that you think they are the right person for your business.

If they still say no tell them how much they will get payed and that you will pay them 50 bucks just to come for a day and see how it is and if they don%26#039;t like it just let them go and find someone else to do the job .

You can also open account at any site and snd them invatations to work for you.
Reply:I have looked at your site and think their are man avenues but as for cost they may become costly.

If you want to contact me through here I will pass on some ideas to of charge.

I am a business consultant.
Reply:You should expand you Website making thing. Get more websites. If you don%26#039;t get more clients think about taking on another job and do the web hosting for fun?. i don%26#039;t know i just try making people happy with answers. good luck fellow Yahoo person! =)
Reply:Perhaps you should expand through your affiliate program and let your affiliates bear any costs incurred.

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