Monday, April 20, 2009

Does anybody have a technical solution for the following web service?

I want to have something looks like the following: It is similar to a mailing-list, except that only me, as the administrator can send out mass-emails to the subscribers, i.e. it is a one way communication. The recipients are passive receivers. When the subscribers subscribe to the mailing-list, they will enter some of their personal information. Among the personal information are some key words. These keywords are used for my search. When I send out some emails, I will first search relevant keywords, and send out emails only to those selected recipients...How do I do this? What kind of technical solutions are available to me? I am mostly looking for some existing tools and hopefully the solutions are simple to use -- because I am a green hand and have not been doing web-hosting stuff before. Basically, I have no idea about how to set up a server, etc. So I am hoping that there are easy and existing solutions that can help me. Hopefully they are free. I can give up the search part.
Does anybody have a technical solution for the following web service?
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