Monday, April 20, 2009

Joomla: I'm not an expert. How to build a web site with jooma?

I use dreamwaver, Photoshop and other tools. But I don%26#039;t know nothing about joomla. The information i%26#039;ve found today is extremely techie and confuse for me. I%26#039;ve got a new hosting service with fantastico and it has great programs. How must I start? Is out there a manual for humans, not for linux nerds? (I use linux, windows and Mac OSx but I must build the site in windows and then transfer it to the linux hosting service).

This web site is for our federation, with info for people about training, events, data base with fitness technicians, a forum, image gallery. I%26#039;ve been told Joomla can make it easier for me. Please, Please, help me.
Joomla: I%26#039;m not an expert. How to build a web site with jooma?
Joomla can be difficult to get your head around what with all the components, modules, mambots etc.

It allows rapid site development for websites and web applications. I can build a Joomla site (functionality only) in a couple of hours.

If you need any detailed advice, you can email me at and i%26#039;ll do my best to help you at each stage of the build (completely free just incase you are wondering).

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