Monday, April 20, 2009

Free GOOD web hosting?

i have a company that is right now using Google Pages and want to use something more professinal. needs to be free, cause i only offer free services. my adress right now is i also use microsoft hosting but i cant edit HTML dso i font want it!!! please help and remember FREE. aything that dosent help will bne reported!!!
Free GOOD web hosting?
This is what I use 100% FREE

I like it. It is easy, fast and FREE.

Looks Great too.

I hope this helps
Free GOOD web hosting?
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Reply:Dot Easy

Reply:All of the free ones fall in the lower quarter of the spectrum, so free is not good, and good is not free. It is a case of a contradiction in terms, or oxymoron. Professional MEANS %26quot;Done for profit%26quot;, so anything free is, by definition, unprofessional. Geocities used to be a GREAT example of this. When I saw people trying to use their sites for enterprise I used to laugh my head off.
Reply:鈼?You will get more help with this one than all of the other free homepage hosts on the entire web combined.


鈼?Signup for the free Geocities homepage here Be careful Yahoo likes to fool you so you will accidentally signup for one of their premium (paid) accounts. They will misguide you if you let them. Here is a page that will take you on a tour

鈼?NOTE: Most people don%26#039;t bother reading the help pages. Be smart and skim through them so you%26#039;ll know where to get help when you need it in a hurry.


鈼?Yahoo Main Menu - Links to all sections of Yahoo.


鈼?Yahoo Help Link - Top of all Yahoo pages.


鈼?GET LIVE HELP %26gt; with all Yahoo/Geocities-related questions in the Yahoo Answers category of %26quot;Yahoo! Products%26quot;. But be aware that these people DO NOT WORK FOR YAHOO! They all have accounts here like you. They just volunteer to share their knowledge with others. Be good to them or be gone. :)


鈼?Geocities Help Link - Top of all Geocities pages.


鈼?At the bottom of every Yahoo and Geocities page is a shortcut menu.

鈼?Yahoo Geocities has completely redone their internal site. Now it is much easier to find the tools you%26#039;ll need to build or update your homepage. You%26#039;ll find the Geocities Control Panel here...


鈼?File Manager


鈼?Launch Yahoo Pagebuilder


鈼?Wise Old Man%26#039;s Pagebuilder Help - BEST

Hundreds Of Categories Here


鈼?Wise Old Man%26#039;s PageWizard Help - BEST


鈼?Yahoo%26#039;s Pagebuilder Tutorial


鈼?Yahoo%26#039;s Pagebuilder Help


鈼?Yahoo Answers Beta - Get quick answers here.


鈼?Yahoo%26#039;s Pagebuilder is in a pop-up window. If you have pop-up blockers hold down the CTRL key to bypass them when you click on the %26quot;Launch Pagebuilder%26quot; link on this page There is also a help button inside Pagebuilder.

鈼?Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer for Windows XP has a built-in pop-up blocker. It is here TOOLS %26gt; POP-UP BLOCKER %26gt; TURN ON POP-UP BLOCKER/TURN OFF POP-UP BLOCKER

鈼?When you are having trouble with Pagebuilder try one of these helpful forums and Geocities message boards

ALSO TRY THIS add these links to your favorites



鈼?Read this great book. It will teach you many ways to get more out of Yahoo.


鈼?Yahoo%26#039;s main menu with links to every part of Yahoo.


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