Saturday, April 18, 2009

Posting a document as a web page?

I have designed a 1-page advertisement for my business, and I want to post it on the internet as my web page.

How do I go about this? I don%26#039;t have much experience with HTML or anything. Is there a web-hosting service (preferably free, but I%26#039;d be willing to pay a small fee) that I can use to just upload my entire page?
Posting a document as a web page?
ehhh is not so easy to do that but I would try:

Until you get the hang of things, then later you can upgrade or whatever.
Posting a document as a web page?
ahahah I sometimes pick 0 answer questions for that reason to help improve my score without outright cheating, but I also do try to answer the question to the best of my ability, sorry if it%26#039;s not the best answer. Report It

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