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Best Web Hosting for Small Business and Multiple Domains?


I know this has been asked before, but I%26#039;ve searched many web sites and reviews and I%26#039;m still confused. So, I%26#039;ve narrowed it down to Hostmonster, Bluehost, and Lunarpages. I%26#039;m a pretty technical guy, but I%26#039;m looking for a reliable web host for multiple domains that some will use databases. I%26#039;m not so concerned about a %26quot;simple%26quot; web site creator, as opposed to one that follows the HTML %26amp; CSS standards. I was going to go with 1%26amp;1 after seeing their huge ads in PC Magazine until I read the reviews. Thus, I%26#039;m not so concerned about cheap, just a service that is reliable, professional, and popular. In other words, what service would a developer recommend and use?


Best Web Hosting for Small Business and Multiple Domains?
I may not be as picky (mean that in a good way!) as you are because I definitely don%26#039;t consider myself a %26quot;professional%26quot; compared to friends who have web design businesses, but we%26#039;ve been really happy with Host Excellence. ( )

There are a ton of paid web hosts out there, and my husband and I exhausted ourselves researching them before making a decision to go with HostExcellence for this site and another one we run. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that we were getting tired and we liked HostExcellence%26#039;s plans for mulitple domains and the fact that they had a site builder with tons of customizable templates (many of them do, but some of the good ones on the review lists don%26#039;t). My husband doesn%26#039;t use the site builder for his -- he does his own code. I use the site builder until I%26#039;m more proficient on Nvu. We also liked the amount of storage and bandwidth we were given, among other things. I haven%26#039;t had a complaint yet, and we%26#039;ve been customers since October 2005. They have excellent 24/7 live chat support that helps me all the time with just about any issue you can imagine. Whenever a service has been down (which has only been a few times), it%26#039;s either back up before I have a chance to ask about it or it%26#039;s resolved before I get off live chat with them. They have a ton of tools at your service, we have more e-mails available than we%26#039;ll ever use, and more bandwidth and storage space than we%26#039;ve come close to dipping into. They have ftp storage and a really easy thing called webshell that makes it pretty simple to do ftp stuff. Php boards, databases, etc. are all available. Good luck!
Best Web Hosting for Small Business and Multiple Domains?
Let me recommend and believe me you won%26#039;t regret. I%26#039;m a web designer and I%26#039;ve seen so many hosts that are really bad. 1and1 will give you a great package for $3.99 per month including 1 free domain name. They also give you up to 600 (!!!) email accounts and 10 databases in case you need them (included in the $3.99 per month).

Reply:You say that you are not concerned about cheap hosting but rather you are trying to get a reliable hosting service.

That鈥檚 a very good approach,

Most of the time I see guys asking questions regarding the best or the cheapest. Very few ask for reliability and I always wonder, what about reliability? What about success?

Now you can combine reliability and success and trust me, those two together will propel your web site to higher levels.

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Reply:check netfirms as well. i realised they r good for small business


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