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How much is the exact cost of our own web-site?


I am trying to earn online,4 last nearly about a year but in vain. I hve now came to the conclusion that for this purpose one must have his own web-site,Is it true?

Secondly, I have gone through no. of sites that offer web-site service,both web-designing %26amp; hosting.Agreed they all charge differently, but for how many things exactly they charge? I think they should charge for two things only i.e. web-designing %26amp; web-hosting.But I came aross some sites, they had mentioned to have charging for e-mail hosting also. I am confused.Can anybody guide me as to how exactly should I pay for having my own web-site?
How much is the exact cost of our own web-site?
There is no exact cost and having a website is not a solve all solution to your making money issues online. It takes a lot of work. However it is quite rewarding. To find the web host that will suit you, I would suggest that you first compare feature by feature then dollar for dollar. You need some sort of Idea of a website you want to create then search for features that will accommodate your goals.

How much is the exact cost of our own web-site?
$1,500 - $5,000
Reply:Web hosts will charge from $5-$10 a month to keep your site up and running. This usually includes email.

To have someone design your site will cost you extra. Some web hosts include a sitebuilder with their service or will charge extra to use their sitebuilder.

Check as they include a sitebuilder, email, free software, and video tutorials.

Good Luck
Reply:Before getting into the design aspect, let%26#039;s have a look at the hosting.

First of all, if you%26#039;re looking for your own domain name, this should be SEPARATE from the web hosting, not part of a bundled package, for all sorts of reasons...

Second, expect to PAY for that domain name... it%26#039;s not expensive though, just under $11 a year.

Third, the web hosting itself doesn%26#039;t have to cost you ANYTHING up front... start off with free hosting with no advertisements, that gives you the same features as a %26quot;real%26quot; web host (FTP access, cPanel, etc). Here%26#039;s a review of one I found recently...

Free web hosts aren%26#039;t really adequate when the site starts getting into full swing with a lot of traffic, and this is the reason for the separate domain name... moving to a different host becomes a simple matter of just signing up for an account with the hosting company of your choice, and then pointing your domain account to the new domain name servers.

As to DESIGN costs, figure from $20 to $30 an hour, $40 to $80 if programming is involved.

But before you hire a design firm, look into using a content management system like Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, or WordPress.

Configuring these doesn%26#039;t have to be difficult if you%26#039;ve got an (ahem) talented writer explaining everything in easy steps {insert sound of Gruumsh patting himself on the back here}.

Seriously, have a peek at my first lesson, installing a WordPress blog for free. It shouldn%26#039;t take you more than 30 minutes to complete, and by the time you%26#039;re done, you%26#039;ll have a working website that cost you nothing. Here%26#039;s the link if you%26#039;d like a peek (just log in as Guest when prompted)...
Reply:You should own you web site. Below are the basic things and the price of them.

Step 1 - You must clearly know your goal %26quot;What topic or hobby that you want to build a web site around?%26quot;

Just an example, suppose your topic is %26quot;dog training%26quot;.

Step 2 - After you know your topic, you must register your own domain name related to your topic. It costs you around $10 per year.

For example, or, etc.

Personally, I use to register my domain name.

Step 3 - Choose the web hosting.

There are many web hosting companies on the internet, and it can cost you from $1 per month to $25 per month.

Personally, I use for web hosting.

Here are what I like about this company:

+ Only $2.5 per month

+ CPane 11

+ Easy to use

+ Host up to 10 domains

+ Support many advanced features

The disadvantages are:

+ Only 1000 MB disk space

+ 20 GB data transfer

Step 4 - Choose web design style

There are many ways of choosing web design. Here are 3 options for you.

1. Design it yourself with Free HTML Editor like NVU, or MFWB. (See the sources below for detailed information).

2. Get a good web site template and edit it in your HTML editor.

To get web site template, just search in Yahoo, Google or MSN for it. It can be free or you need to purchase it.

3. Install free Wordpress theme as the design for your site.

Note: If you use hosting company that has %26quot;Fantastico%26quot;, you can install the Wordpress theme as your web site or blog with a few click. Here is one of my blog which uses Fantastico to install my Wordpress with few click,

If you decide to use Wordpress, you have many free design theme available for you.

The above informations are the basic things you need to own a web site. Let me sum it up for you:

Step 1 - Choose topic (Free)

Step 2 - Register domain name (About $10 per year per domain name)

Step 3 - Web hosting ($2.5 per month) or ($25 per month)

Step 4 - Web design options:

1. Design your own (Free)

2. Get web templates (Can be free) or (Can be $10 to hundred dollars)

3. Use Wordpress Theme as design (Free)

Hope this information helps you get some ideas. :-)

See the resources below for more information.

Fluxservices is the best... They are great to work with, well

priced, and very reliable!

Check them out here -


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