Monday, April 20, 2009

Suggestion on better Web Hosting Company?

Hi, I am currently using iPowerWeb to host my company%26#039;s website. after a year or so, we are dissatisfied with their customer service. What are the better hosting companies out there right now?
Suggestion on better Web Hosting Company?
Go with They have an amazing deal. Get 600gb monthly bandwidth, 75000mb of storage, and host up to 25 different web sites for just $90 every 14 months (that%26#039;s $6.43 per month). They list it as $7.50 per month, but then they later throw in another 2 months. Best deal anywhere hands down. Their customer support replies within 30 minutes every time as well!
Suggestion on better Web Hosting Company? 24 hour customer service, never went down so far and they always answer my e-mails too
Reply:I am using USWDH and have found their service truly Outstanding. Contact me and I will give you more information on them
Reply:i used for a year, had no problems

I use Indian based hosting company. I am using for last 3 Years.

They have got option for brandable hosting service and end user service. Both are good. You can activate End user service instantly by paying thru credit card. Its Cheap and you get the quality. The control panel is good. You can virtually buy all additional service thru control panel. You dont need to contact customer support for anything. You can contact them at


Option 2

I even use Us based service provider. They are also reliable but slow in customer support. I have got reliable hosting service from them too.
Reply:Go for Startlogic..very nice one..check them at
Reply:MT media temple its a bit much but its all good down to the last byte.... heheh!
Reply:My hosting site is

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