Saturday, April 18, 2009

If I can not cancel a web hosting account, am I liable?

A long time ago, I created a web hosting account. The host was horrible - they never responded to emails, and their servers were always down.

I emailed them several times saying that I wanted to cancel my service. They ignored the emails. Eventually the credit card I was using to pay expired, and I figured when the billing was rejected, they%26#039;d automatically cancel the service.

A few months ago, I found out the site was still online, and it is running up a tab for my %26quot;hosting%26quot;.

I asked this before, and was told to just keep a copy of the emails I sent asking to cancel. The problem is, this was soo long ago I do not have any copies of the emails available.

I also looked up an address for this %26quot;company%26quot;, but found the address to lead to a yard care business.

About two weeks ago, their site seemed to have went down for good. Trying to access the site just comes up with a page unavailable message.

Since I had no way to contact them, am I in any way liable for the unpaid hosting?
If I can not cancel a web hosting account, am I liable?
Emails are only a partial proof. Where are the located? Do you have a physical address? Do some investigating with tools like WHOIS...

Options available (in the U.S. anyway)...

1) Send a registered, certified letter. That way you%26#039;ve got a physical paper trail with a receipt. Mention in the letter that you%26#039;re going to seek resolution via the legal system if they don%26#039;t respond.

2) Look into free arbitration services. They%26#039;re typically listed in the web pages for the judicial system in your area.
If I can not cancel a web hosting account, am I liable?
If you tried to contact them to cancel the contract (it%26#039;d help if you still had the emails to prove it), then you aren%26#039;t liable.

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