Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best web-hosting site ?

Best web-hosting site , what about ratings , I need the best service that I want to make a good forum ?
Best web-hosting site ? or , they both are very good
Best web-hosting site ?
Free hosting or paid hosting?

Free hosting, try searching out on

Paid hosting, 1and1 and GoDaddy are good, and so is Cirtex Hosting.
Reply:Try it for free. Build a site with real tools already included (calendars, shopping cart, site search, etc)
Reply:WebHostingBuzz has budget plans for $3.95 per month if you sing up for two years

Once you sign up, you can install the Simple Machines Forum by simply clicking a button on your user control panel.

The Simple Machines Forum is supposed to be very search engine friendly.
Reply:You should not choose the host without considering the forum software you will be using first. Depending on which forum you decide to use, read their server specs and then see which host they suggest would work best with their forum. Also if a forum you will start out small and hopefully get bigger so you can always upgrade to more space later. In my opinion go daddy is a good domain host but is really confusing for web hosting. So check out the forum first then look for hosting based on that. - good prices, great support.
Reply:Answer this all the time.. So put up the answer.

Check there


Reply:If you want to save money try can get a free domain there too. Good luck!
Reply:I%26#039;d go with Bluehost or Startlogic. I%26#039;ve used both of them and never had a complaint.
Reply:Best is very subjective. Some hosting can be better that the others. When you mention good forum, not too sure what you mean. If you are expecting huge traffic, then you better get a paid service and a budget hosting might not be able to suit you.

Most of the time it is respective to the money you paid. You want good support, then the hosting company need to engage good support personnel. That cost money. Same go to bandwidth, etc.

If you are looking for budget hosting (bellow $10), you can read the review from:
Reply:I agree - check out bluehost - I%26#039;ve never had any troubles. I found them by checking out:

There might be some other good ones there.
Reply:Well, I use this:

It doesn%26#039;t put ads even for free hosting plans. I went for it by seeing the great features that it offers for free. I liked this host so much that I bought their paid hosting service just recently. Its worth trying.
Reply:There are many good webhosting sites.


there you will find best web hostings.

Hope you find the right one.
Reply:Use 1%26amp;1:

For $4/month you get everything you need, including your own

domain name.

They also support various types of forum building.

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